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NAD+ IV Drip (*NEW*)

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*** Enhance Mental Clarity:   NAD+ has been shown to improve the function of neurons and heal damaged brain cells to maximize your brain power.  

*** Increase Energy:  By optimizing the body’s ability to use and produce ATP energy, NAD+ gives your body the energy it needs.

***Reduce Pain: The body’s natural healing process is supported by NAD+, which leads to reducing inflammation and pain.

***Anti Aging:  As we age, we produce less and less NAD+.  This plays a major role in the aging process and has been linked to age-related metabolic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Recent studies show promising results in supplementing the body’s production of NAD+ as a form of anti-aging intervention.

2 reviews for NAD+ IV Drip (*NEW*)

  1. Jason

    Get ready, folks!!! I did the 4-day NAD+ protocol about 2 weeks ago. I will tell you that you won’t want to rush these drips. Take your time, and let the NAD+ work. The first infusion took me about 3 1/2 hours to complete. If you turn it up too fast, you can become a little uncomfortable. Upon turning the drip down (yes, you can turn up the drip and turn it down as you like), within 5 seconds my comfort level was right back to normal. Totally comfortable and easy. Heather reassured me that these things are a part of NAD+ infusions. After the first infusion, I could tell that my focus at work was improved. I slept well, and continued to sleep well for the four nights of infusions. My focus at work continued to improve. Sleep was very good, and continues to be restful. My vision sharply improved. Come to find out, NAD+ has been shown to improve night vision. By the end of the 4th infusion, which I was able to complete in under 3 hours, I felt like I had noticeably improved mental clarity. Even a couple of weeks later, I still remained focused. There is a difference between how I felt before this infusion protocol. I plan to continue my NAD+ booster shots weekly, and foresee the maintenance drip in my future a few times per year. This service is truly amazing, and I do not know of anyone else in the area providing this! Thanks, Isha and Heather for your progressive and inspiring services.

  2. Mia

    I could tell my energy level increased during the infusion! At full speed, there was discomfort in my legs, but as soon as the drip was turned down that resolved. My energy levels and mental clarity have been improved upon for sure. Will increase my dose next time!

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